Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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The week is was a very exciting week in LacrossE with teams trying to gain wins this week so they may get a playoff berth in the upcoming playoffs in two weeks in the NLL. After last weekend the hold Western Division was mapped out with all four spots being filled but, it is going to take the Eastern Division another week to find out who will take the last two spots of the Division. Also the final game of the season between the Philadelphia wings and Toronto Rocks has been moved to Sunday this weekend instead of Saturday as oringaly planed. Last, More Coaching moves where made this week in the MLL as the San Fransico Dragons hired to new Assistant Coaches for the 2008 season. So tune because your about to be filled in by the Final Crossing.
Story of the Rescheduling of the Wings game:
Story of the Coaching change:

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