Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Final week of the Regular season

This weeks episode highlights the final week in the NLL. With many team looking to fill the final to spots in Eastern Division with on two left to fill. Also a 16 year Carree was ended over in Toronto as team captain Jim Veltman played his last game. Also this week the playoff brackets were set for the NLL Championship and the games are as followed. Philadelphia (East #4) at Buffalo (East #1) New York (East #3) at Minnesota (East #2), 8:00 PM Calgary (West #3) at Colorado (West #2), 9:00 PM Portland (West #4) at San Jose (West #1), 6:00 PM

Apr 30 Final Crossing.mp3

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Episode 5 Click Here to download

The week is was a very exciting week in LacrossE with teams trying to gain wins this week so they may get a playoff berth in the upcoming playoffs in two weeks in the NLL. After last weekend the hold Western Division was mapped out with all four spots being filled but, it is going to take the Eastern Division another week to find out who will take the last two spots of the Division. Also the final game of the season between the Philadelphia wings and Toronto Rocks has been moved to Sunday this weekend instead of Saturday as oringaly planed. Last, More Coaching moves where made this week in the MLL as the San Fransico Dragons hired to new Assistant Coaches for the 2008 season. So tune because your about to be filled in by the Final Crossing.
Story of the Rescheduling of the Wings game:
Story of the Coaching change:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Final Crossing for April 16

This week episode is a good one there was a Historical record breaking performance that the wing fan will be proud to talk about. With Athan Iannucci Breaking the all time scoring record this week many fans are in a uproar for the wings. But if you want to read more check out this link at the bottom of this post.

Iannucci's Record Breaking Performance:

Final Crossing April 16 2008.mp3

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Week's Edition of Final crossing

I am very proud of this edition i feel I've finally have a hold of the show. So finally Catching up with myself enjoy this weeks show. It has become more polished for you guys and i hope this will start to catch on very soon. But here are some links for you guys to check out.

the games on the Breakdown this week.

The Wings suffer an over time lost to ever so hot Chicago Shamrox:

But the Wings bounce back with a win in there second game this weeks over the the Rocks and Ianucci coming very so close to breaking the scoring record:

Final Crossing apr 8.mp3

The Second Verison of the Final Crossing

Sounding a Bit better this is the second Edition of the final Crossing for April 2 2008 was a very surprising weekend Lacrosse as i pick out my two favortive games of the week Below As big news happening over in the MLL with New Jersey Pride's Gm stepping down this week.

Final Crossing Apr 2 08.mp3

We cover games all over the NLL this week from the Amazing Rush crushing the Steal this week:

Also this week Chicago also gains an well deserved win over in Minnesota:

New Jersey Pride Gm to step down from his spot after three years with the team:

First Edition of the Final Crossing

Hey Guys as Promised this is the first podcast of the Final Crossing. This is for March 28 2008. Show will cover the Professional World of Lacrosse From scores all over the National Lacrosse League which is the national Indoor League to the news coming out off the Major League Lacrosse which is the national outdoor League.

Two Games to Highlight for you this week.

First off Chicago gains a big win over the Knighthawks to final set them on the right path this season:

The Wings suffer a devastating lost this weeks to the Titans but look to bounce back this up coming week:
Also coming from the MLL news desk the Lizards to hold an open try out in the upcoming week: Final Crossing mar 26 2008.mp3

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Welcome to the Final Crossing

Well if your here you stumbled upon one of the best Podcast for Professional lacrosse. My Name is Timothy Hill and i will have some of the best news and coverage of Both the National Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse. The Show Features scores and game Analysis of the week in lacrosse. Also i will have the most up to date news effecting both leagues. I hope to have shows posted by the end of this week so please come and have a listen.